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0 comments | Thursday, May 04, 2006

I just caught Diane Sawyer's interview with Mary Cheney, I thought it was pretty surreal. At one point I got the impression that Dick Cheney might not be against gay adoption (or least he doesn't take a stand against it), and also Mary Cheney said in 2004 she didn't feel she could vote anything but Republican. She certainly disdains the Republican positions on gay rights and gay issues, she doesn't seem to be a dyed in the wool Republican like the rest of her family (of course I'm aware of the existence of Log Cabin Republicans which I assume she is one of, but in the interview I got the impression she might not vote for at least strongly anti-gay Republicans). Anyway, nothing conclusive could be gained from the interview, but it's not everyday you see the gay daughter of one of the most right-wing Republicans speaking on television. I think Alan Keyes has a gay daughter as well, I wonder what an interview with her would be like.


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