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0 comments | Monday, May 01, 2006

I just recently got to see Match Point, and I was very impressed with this film. I'm a big Woody Allen fan anyway, so I didn't expect to have any other experience; but with the reviews I had read prior to viewing this film I anticipated something very different than what I saw. I had the impression that since it wasn't a comedy, and didn't have an anxiety ridden neurotic Allen character that it would be almost completely other to Allen's oeuvre. This is definitely not what I saw, strangely the movie had intangibles that link it to Allen's other productions. The intellectualism of the characters was there, the fluidity and instability of human relationships was present, and also I got the distinct impression while watching many of the scenes in the film (even though they were drama of the highest caliber) that their intent was to be satirical or tongue-in-cheek about the characters and the situations therein. Overall it was a thriller unlike any I had ever seen (this is a tired genre I think), that had the trademark of Woody Allen all over it. It was the Allen-esqueness of the movie that made the film not the absence of his stamp or a lack of influence of his past production.


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