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2 comments | Thursday, May 04, 2006

I started reading this because I thought it was an analysis of Colbert's performance. I started laughing after the first few lines, and just continued to read it, even though I've already seen the video. I'm not sure this is something I've done before (watched a speech and then read it), but I was amazed at how funny it was (maybe even moreso than watching it). This, of course, wasn't by any means a scientific analysis, but it seems to reinforce the view that the MSM has been cowed by Bush, and Colbert gave a splendid performance. I can't emphasize strong enough that just because the room he was working in didn't have the moxie to laugh, that this somehow invalidates the brilliance of his remarks. I don't want to belabor this point, but I doubt to many people read and viewed Colbert's act, so I just wanted to relay my experience.


Anonymous Ryan Oddey said...

Colbert was brilliant. CHeck out the Washington Post today, they had a writer call CObert rude, which is total garbage, Bush made jokes about not finding WMD's a couple of years back, but somehow that was ok and COlbert crossed the line.

Elections can not come soon enough

10:56 PM

Blogger Sean said...

Yeah, I saw an article on that same point, Bush and the wmd jokes (I can't remember who wrote it I've read so much on this controversy). I think it's Cohen's oped piece in the Washington Post you're talking about?


These guys just don't get it, the reason Colbert was funny is because of how far he went with the jokes. I suppose it's some one's right to call it rudeness, but he was pushing how far he could go and he went over the edge, and that plays a big part in why he was funny.

Not to mention, as John Stewart pointed out, he was just doing the same character he does on the Colbert report, so if he's being rude to anyone it's O'Reilly, Scarborough, Hannity, etc., more than Bush.

2:59 PM


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