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0 comments | Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How some in the media are spinning Colbert's performance as bombing, I don't know. The crowd in the room seemed to be less and less into what he was doing as he went on, but he was side-splittingly funny, nonetheless. Even if a barrel of rotted tomatoes was thrown on him, with the performance he gave, bombing is the last word that I would think one would choose to describe his act.

If a particular critic or writer honestly didn't find Colbert funny that's fine, to each his own; but instead what I think is going on here is fear of insulting the President and his sycophants (including those in the media that are his lapdogs) enveloping wide swathes of the media. If this indeed is what is happening then saying Colbert bombed is not only inaccurate, but it's disingenuous. At least if the Bush lapdogs in the media want to spin Colbert's performance to please their president, they should comment by simply twisting and tweaking the facts (which they are already so good at), and not resort to using terms that are egregiously and maliciously wrong; terms that reinvent events for a myopic politicized agenda. We already know all to well about the Bushies disdain for reality, but how anyone can or should accept this should not be up for debate. The reality was Colbert gave a very funny performance by most measures, and turning this truth in the fiction of 'bombing', is spin and propaganda pure and simple, not professional criticism or journalism by anyone's standards.


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