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1 comments | Thursday, January 10, 2008

In my opinion the libertarian/free market view of capitalism doesn't work. America is the most capitalist developed nation... Why so many people want to go even more laissez faire, boggles my mind. Most of Europe has a higher standard of living than the U.S. We should go in that direction, not towards freer market capitalism.


Anonymous rob gregory said...

Its (neoliberalism) failed in so many ways.

Our roads, bridges and highways are dangerous.

Our health care system fails most of us every day.

It fails workers in the Developing World through structural adjustment programs.

It fails workers here in the US.

Only a few examples, but a case can be made that while neoliberalism was a step up from mercantilism, we need to advance a few more steps into something much more participatory and democratic.

Nice blog by the way.

7:57 PM


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