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0 comments | Monday, December 31, 2007

I have to love all the speculation about Nader as a 'neocon' or puppet of the Rethugs... Funny thing though, whenever I ask the person making the allegations to provide a source or verification of his/her claim, I get no response... The real puppets for the Rethugs are people who don't want an alternative to the complicit (in the destruction of America) Democratic Party...

Nearly every progressive thinks Kucinich is the best choice even though he has no chance to win, and will be gone once the Republicratic nominee is chosen (if not Edwards)... Well, Nader has a near identical platform, and he'll actually be running for President 'til election day (with that platform), so if he runs again he'll be getting my vote (well he or Cynthia McKinney or whoever the Greens put up).


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