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2 comments | Saturday, January 05, 2008

The question of whether or not Obama has enough experience to be president is a serious one, but I think part of Obama's appeal has been how little time he's spent in Washington. As the pundits say, is anyone really experienced for the job of U.S. president? In fact, I believe that the reason governors get elected to the presidency more than senators at least partially explains why Obama is doing so well. The voters don't want someone who's a puppet of the Washington establishment, they want some one to take on Washington and drain the swamp.


Blogger Becky C. said...

The persons who are most qualifid to to be the nations' top executive are CEO's--but the job hardly pays enought for the,.

I guess there are some people who vote on the basis of experience, and think the job is the equivalent of hiring an employee.

But to the extend they do it is silly.

As you mention, no one is really experienced for the job--least of all a Senator--the only qualification for the Senate is being a grand blowbag and have such a profound ego you have no problem asking people for money.


11:12 AM

Blogger Tricia said...

I remember when Hillary was speaking fiercely about getting the lobbyists and special interest out of government decision making. She seems to have softened her speeches. Maybe she's becoming just too much a part of the government machine in the eyes of her party?

I think Obama just looks like a fresh start in the eyes of people who really want a fresh start.

They're only leaving Obama alone because they're too busy eating their own right now-- Huckabee. They haven't even been Hillary bashing as much. As soon as they're done with Huckabee and Hillary I'm sure Obama is in for it.

I do like that everyone has been trying to play the race card with him, even going so far as to ask leaders within the black community to bash him for not, as they put it, furthering the cause of black issues, but he hasn't bitten on that bait. As if it never occurred to them that he doesn't consider issues based on race. He considers issues based on what's in the best interest of everyone.

I'm sure they'll spin this out rather like they did for Colin Powell. Between a rock and a hard place.

6:40 AM


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