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1 comments | Saturday, July 22, 2006

To be completely honest I'm not really following the violence in Lebanon/Gaza/Israel at the moment, and I generally don't follow the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It's just such a FUBAR situation that I've got a limited tolerance for it. I did come across a couple of articles on the kind of destruction and pain Israel is reaping in Lebanon, that are worth reading, though. I'm generally pro-Palestinian, but as I said I don't think about the conflict too much, and I haven't really developed a point of view on the current events.

It's seems like an overeaction by Israel at first glance, but I'm not yet completely convinced that Israel doesn't have some valid reasons for their actions. Although I should also say even if Israel has good validation for what they've done, maybe I understated that this 'seems' like an overeaction; I think that what they've done, at this point, is clearly an overeaction. My confusion is that maybe there was some justification for what they've done, even though things (civilian casualities, infrastructure destruction, etc.) have gotten far out of hand at this point.


Blogger IsrealiMom said...

It really is quite simple in the current crisis.

Hezbulla attacked Israel. Unprovoked, no warnings, just a barrage of rockets and mortar shells on civilian settlements along the border. That's how it started, Wednesday, 10 days ago. They also kidnapped two soldiers on the very same morning (breaking into Israel to do that). The shelling on civilians began before the kidnapping though and lasted ever since.

Israel withdrew from Lebanon six years ago. We felt things had been stable there. Why did Hezbulla start this all over again? only they have the answer. There are theories, but no one knows for sure.

Why are so many civilians being killed on the Lebanese side? You may want to read my posts here -



Some interesting comments there too, especially by Lebanese people.

4:21 PM


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