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0 comments | Thursday, July 13, 2006

I have so many problems with this interview I don't even know where to begin, and I won't be able to address all of them. First off Donny Deutsch's repeated claim that "everyone is like him [politically]", and there are no liberals out there, is obviously far wrong on its face (according to this piece the country is anywhere from 19% to 35% liberal). Secondly, I couldn't understand any of Ann Coulter's points in defense of bizarro comments that she had made.

Coulter's defense strategy seemed to be to converse with the interviewer (Donny) until both parties (plus the audience) were confused enough for the host to move onto the next topic. For example, regarding Ann's defense of her idea that conservatives are not allowed to respond to the Jersey girls; I ask since when and how would this kind of speech be akin to crying 'fire' in a theater and be in violation of the first amendment? She didn't even offer up a for instance, as to who attempted to retort to the Jersey Girls and was rebuked. What has Bill O'Reilly said about the Jersey girls? He and his ilk are usually none too bashful. I doubt his crowd would be (or was) intimidated by a group of four outspoken widows making anti-Bush 9/11 security claims.

Taking all of this into account, I thought Ann's meager presentation didn't illuminate where and when the right wing punditry was muzzled on this matter, or has been muzzled on any matter at any time in the past. The only thing I learned from this installment of The Big Idea was that Ann Coulter's appeal is clearly to those on the right who hate liberals (or the right wing straw man creation thereof) to the nth degree and will watch or read anything that lampoons them; as well as quite possibly progressives who will find humor in Coulter's wild flights of fancy, even though her intent is to impugn them.


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