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0 comments | Friday, July 14, 2006

On July 11th I wrote that the punditry class had thrown in their hopes and dreams with Lieberman in this current Connecticut senatorial primary. But now one of their own has defected from their mal-intentioned groupthink. Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post, has come out and sided with the 'loony left bloggers'. It's interesting as well (not to pat myself on the back) he makes the same point that I did about Northeastern Democrats (and provides statistics that I didn't). He also makes good points about not only Lieberman's votes and perceived viewpoints on many issues sinking him with Connecticut Democratic voters, but also his spirited advocacy for issues reprehensible to them that has tarnished his image and reputation. It's good to know free thinking is still an option for our revered 'noblepersons' in the punditocracy establishment.


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