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0 comments | Thursday, May 18, 2006

Before the Pentagon video of the alleged plane hitting the building came out, I was listening to a talk show and the host was wondering out loud if the government would photoshop in a plane to have the smoking gun they would like to have in order to silence their conspiracy critics. So this is what I expected to see when the video was finally released. However, what has come out; not only answers no questions, but shows almost nothing as well.

I've reviewed the critical frames of the tape four or five times, and all I can see is something that looks like the head of a missile come onto the screen, followed by the ensuing explosion. I'm not saying what hit the building was a missile or a plane, I'm just recounting what I observed on the video. What comes onto the screen is more missile than plane-like, and it certainly is not a smoking gun or be all end all in this debate. Over at Prison Planet they're saying that the whole missile hit the Pentagon theory, is actually a big psy-op being encouraged, up until a certain point where they will release smoking gun tapes clearly showing the plane (thus in the government's eyes debunking this conspiracy, and presumably all the others). Whatever the government or globalists/Illuminati (whoever's in charge) have in mind, this new video only contributes to new conspiracies, and questions; of course this might be exactly what they had in mind all along.


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