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0 comments | Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I quite frankly agree with the right on this issue. I don't think the way for a nation to prosper is by flooding the labor pool with folks who are more than willing to work for poverty wages. This article makes and backs up this and many other points. Although, I don't think Thom Hartmann would agree that he agrees with the right (I know some of them really are xenophobic and/or racist), I do think I basically agree with the conservatives on this one (at least in the sense of stopping the illegal influx and attempting to deport as many of these folks as possible). And though I don't know the correct prescription to stem the tide of illegals (taking into account human rights, fairness, and other related concerns), I also believe that stopping the stream of illegals should be one of the top priorities for the federal government.

The dominant progressive position on this issue(at least the one getting headlines) seems to be one of tolerance and inclusion of illegal aliens into the country, no matter how many choose to enter the United States, no matter whether or not they are contributing to or taking away from the resources and wealth of the country (although I know of at least a few liberal talk hosts who stand differently). I simply don't agree that the way to a more socially just nation and world is to bring large swathes of people into the United States, the net result of which will be to create less worker protections and rights. The way to fight global poverty is not to bring all the impoverished citizens of the world into the United States. A United States with a strong middle class and improved labor rights (not to mention a more informed citizenry) will be much better able to fight imperialist war, neo-colonial intervention (which is a big cause of global poverty), and poverty.


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