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2 comments | Saturday, May 13, 2006

Looking through top movie lists I really wanted to do a best comedies list. I'm going by what movies have laugh scenes that can be viewed time and again, and are still funny. This is probably highly controversial but here it is:

1)What About Bob?
3)Meet the Parents
4)Office Space
5)Monty Python and the Holy Grail
7)The Burbs
8)A Fish Called Wanda
9)Flirting with Disaster
10)Summer School
11)Back to School
12)Naked Gun
13)Anger Management
15)Caddyshack II (sorry I think it's funnier than I)
16)Christmas Vacation
17)Trading Places
18)Ghostbusters II (I is a better movie, II is funnier in my opinion)
19)Fletch Lives
20)Detroit Rock City (metalheads only will get this one)

I would have also put The Stoned Age on this list, but I haven't seen it in quite some time. I think I actually only saw it once, but it put me in stitches. Probably another one, that you'd have to have had a metalhead phase to get. The Stoned Age and Detroit Rock City blow away Wayne's World (on a lot of people's lists) in my opinion. I also would have included at least one of Woody Allen's movies, but I noticed a lot of other folks put titles of his I haven't seen on their lists. I'd have to see Bananas, Manhattan, and a few others to decide which of his to put down.


Blogger Craig Curtis said...

I have to demure on this. There is nothing made before 1980 in your post. Some of the best comedies were made in the "screwball" 30's and 40's! Check out BRINGING UP BABY or MY MAN GODFREY, and see what's up...

4:03 PM

Blogger Sean said...

In the post right below this one, I say I'm not a film critic, and I don't know film history. Thanks for your thoughts otherwise, I'll try to see the movies you recommend.

7:12 PM


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