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0 comments | Thursday, May 25, 2006

According to wikipedia Natalie Maines did issue an apology after her comments. For me this basically negates those initial remarks. I just heard the Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern this morning, and that they are talking as if they stood up and spoke truth to power without backing down, rings hollow. Did Michael Moore apologize after his Oscar speech? Of course he didn't, and why would any critic of anything ever, ever do something like this?

When one criticizes those in power, it hurts the criticism if the speaker apologizes for the criticism not long after making the charges. I wouldn't want to be in the Dixie Chicks shoes (who are probably continually asked about this controversy), but much as many celebrities do about their personal lives, I think the Dixie Chicks should take the high road and say they don't want to speak about this controversy any longer. Perhaps, (as this article points out) they are so wedded to this controversy at this point, that they need to drive their marketability and profitability by using it, and they have no way out of talking about it until no one any longer has any interest in it. Maybe, they risk their whole livelihood by moving ahead with their career. This is the only thing I can think of that explains or gives any merit to their behavior. Otherwise they just look like their taking advantage of a situation that near-miraculously turned in their favor.


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