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0 comments | Friday, May 12, 2006

I found the Iranian president's letter (the original, a more readable version) rather compellingly, it looked more like something written by Fidel Castro or a Sandinista than a Muslim fundamentalist (I don't know that he is one, but I thought he was at least supposed to be a pretty devout Muslim). He talks a lot about poverty, the global community coming together to solve humanity's problems, and advancing science and technology in general. If more people would read it I think the Bush Administration's dismissal of the letter would make them look bad. Of course, as everyone knows one should not judge a book by its cover (and from what I've been reading instead of addressing policy this is what this guy does he writes these kind of letters and gives speeches as such), but it's a good letter, nonetheless; and should be read for what of value can be gleaned from it, even though the reader should be at least somewhat skeptical of what the author hoped to achieve in writing it.


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