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0 comments | Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm not a big watcher of television news, but I realized recently that I watch MSNBC moreso than any other television news channel. I'm not really sure exactly why (I only like Hardball I don't like any of their other shows), I know they're owned by GE (which put the fix in on Donahue not long after he became their most watched and profitable show) which has extensive military/industrial complex contacts; but if I want to see what the MSM beast is covering I typically turn to MSNBC.

The only TV news shows I even watch regularly are Hardball and Larry King Live (if you consider the Daily Show news I also watch that, I guess I should mention C-Span too, but I don't think of that as news it's like reality TV for ugly people, or a call in show for nutbars and Howard baba booey callers), though I also watch snippets of Countdown with Keith, The Situation with Tucker Carlson, and even (gasp) the occasional Scarborough Country (I don't watch Rita or Dan Abrams so I guess some part of me is still sane). I don't want to look too deeply into this one, and over-psychoanalyze myself only to find out I need Clockwork Orange treatment; but I think I'll chalk it all up to the ADD/real time quality of many of MSNBC's programs. They do that Pardon the Interruption thing where the stories are listed on screen, and so, if the current topic glazes over one's eyes (and mind) the next ludicrous speed debated story is only nanoseconds away... What's the joke about keeping an idiot in suspense? Maybe the punchline should be MSNBC...


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