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0 comments | Monday, May 29, 2006

It turns out Bush's latest attempt at being honest, contemplative, and off the cuff, was actually a phony premeditated act. It's funny for me that Bush just happened to do this because I just saw one of the most cynical movies about politics, Wag the Dog. I don't know if it's a well known film or not (I had heard that phrase before but I didn't know of the movie), but the concepts that the movie presented make it essential viewing. It depicted how the public is manipulated by public relations and show business techniques that come out of Washington (and presumably the political process as a whole). It showed a very dark picture of how the game of Presidential politics is played. I have no idea how based in reality the movie is supposed to be (some of the parallels were obvious others seemed to be stretches), but it was a grave and eye-opening example of what the corruptions of power can do to sway people's perceptions of the world around them.


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