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0 comments | Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I think it would be tragic if the U.S. military went into Columbia. I'm no expert on Latin American politics, but Colombia has been in a civil war pretty much since the 1960s, and of course America would be intervening on the side of big business and the wealthy at the expense of the usual 'undesirables' who are standing in the way of globalization, oligarchy, and profiteering.

The guerrillas in Colombia have not been saints working for the dispossessed, but I do believe they would promote a more economically equitable system in Columbia if they were to takeover state power. Their record on human rights is troubling, but from what I have read the government and right-wing paramilitary groups have repeatedly violated human rights as well. In this type of conflict there is almost never a completely 'good guy' or a completely bad one. Of course if the U.S. does go in the military will spin it as 'democracy promotion' or some such; so the truth of the situation on the ground unfortunately, won't be capable of stopping the worst or potentially any inauspicious action.


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