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3 comments | Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This is a pretty atypical list, I think, but these are my picks:

1)Match Point
2)Brokeback Mountain
3)The New World
4)Walk the Line
5)The Constant Gardener
7)Pride and Prejudice
8)A History of Violence
9)Good Night, and Good Luck.
10)The Weather Man

In case anyone is wondering I did see some critically acclaimed films that I purposely left off, Crash and The Squid and the Whale come to mind. I liked them both but not as top ten material. I also really liked the movie Pretty Persuasion, but this movie was so unsung that I feared putting it on my top ten... Consider it choice # 11. I also liked Grizzly Man, Upside of Anger, and Shopgirl, so I guess I'll give them an honorable mention as well.


Blogger AMM said...

good list!
i totally agree with 'lord of war' and 'upside of anger' and i thought both were pretty underrated. i really enjoyed 'batman begins', 'constant gardener', and 'cinderella man', but they weren't my FAVORITES. i haven't seen 'a history of violence' yet, and i just don't know if i can stomach it. 'capote' was excellent.
anyway, i just enjoyed reading your stuff-
take care-

8:00 PM

Blogger Sean said...

Thanks for commenting and reading... you may want to look at this link: http://www.metacritic.com/film/awards/2005/toptens.shtml it really helped me out in remembering what I had seen and helped me know what the 'professionals' think is good (not that I care).

Yeah Lord of War was totally snubbed (art is so subjective I don't know why some films get forgotten) it reminded me a lot of 'Blow' 'cept one was about a cocaine dealer and the former was of course about an arms dealer.

I'm really looking forward to seeing 'Capote' I've been a big Philip Seymour Hoffman fan for awhile, he was great in Punch Drunk Love, Love Liza, and Owning Mahowny... He's pretty much always good, it's good to see him get some respect. Anyways thanks for the positivity again!

9:15 PM

Blogger Sean said...

Unfortunately that link I just posted doesn't work. Just click on 'a pretty atypical list' in the original post that works.

11:11 PM


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