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3 comments | Thursday, March 30, 2006

I doubt we'll see Ann Coulter behind bars, but dreams can come true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The strange thing about this is doesn't she live in NYC? What is this, I think I'll vote at my country house too.? Someone needs to find our if she has multiple voter registrations. That's a no no.

5:26 PM

Anonymous Jen Feldman said...

Check out what election fraud whisteblower and congressional candidate Clint Curtis has to say about this at his blog: Clint Curtis for Congress blog

5:39 PM

Blogger Sean said...

That was interesting reading, the post on Clint's blog that is. I didn't realize who Clint Curtis was (I've seen his ad up on Bradblog but I didn't know anything about him), I hope he has a chance to win. It's pretty neat that he's running even if he loses by a lot.

6:55 PM


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