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1 comments | Friday, December 02, 2005

Ann Coulter was on Bill O'Reilly's show last night. I only caught the last part of it, but there's a writeup of the appearance on News Hounds's website. It appears O'Reilly tossed her a few softballs, and also talked extensively about what O'Reilly called 'far left smear sites' (it's interesting that conservatives would raise objection to 'smear sites' when smear master Karl Rove is the brains of their man GW).

O'Reilly elaborated that the sites will 'bludgeon anyone who disagrees', and Coulter described the sites as 'a good use for George Soros money'. Coulter also mentioned that one particular 'smear' site hosted a debate about raping her. O'Reilly wanted details, but Coulter was coy. O'Reilly then changed the line of questioning asking if the liberals wanted her harmed. Coulter suggested all conservatives lived in danger of being harmed from liberals, who according to Coulter 'have no ideas'. O'Reilly topped off the segment by (like a good christian) judging the smear site liberals as 'bad people', 'bad human beings'.

One postscript: Gannon/Guckert has weighed in on the Coulter controversy of putting a woman's personal information up on her website. His comments here.