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0 comments | Thursday, December 01, 2005

Has anyone heard of this group The Right Brothers (I really don't want to promote their website but if you haven't heard of them they really must be seen to be believed)? I just heard of/heard them today, and their 'hit' single "Bush was Right". This is one of the most disturbing pieces of music mine ears have ever experienced.

Apparently these guys are going around playing high schools. I pity the youth of this country, when I was growing up there were enough liberal/progressive influences out there to be able to develop the capability to think for myself. Unfortunately, from what I can see a lot of these influences no long exist or the light is going out on them. I have enough faith in people, though, that when they get beaten down enough they spring back. So hopefully all all of us on the left are doing is waiting for a revival of the values we believe represent the best of America.


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