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0 comments | Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You've probably heard Ann Coulter posted a woman's personal information up on her website. It is my understanding that this woman (an actress and a writer) has been subjected to hate emails and calls since this occurred.

Ann Coulter, who is probably best known as the reigning champion of vitriol-filled attacks on particularly liberals, but I think just about anyone not on the hard right; should have (as a professional political 'expert') known what an outrageous act this was. I know of no one on the left who has acted this way by posting the personal information of a conservative on their site so s/he can be harassed and ridiculed in the violated privacy of his/her own home. In my view Ann Coulter should no longer receive the time of day in response to any comments of hers about anything. She has permanently ostracized herself from the world of mature grownups who engage in informed debate, and respectful exchange of ideas. Prior to this Ann and her rhetoric were good for a laugh, but she's proven an absence of a sense of humor and a callousness that goes far beyond the limits of everyday partisan antipathy.


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