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0 comments | Saturday, November 10, 2007

I just tried to take a look at Daily Kos (I hadn't been there in eons), but it seems now one has to register and give his/her personal information to get in. What a bunch of crap, as a small time blogger I know how hard it is to generate traffic, I simply don't believe in dissuading people from taking part in a specific blog (seems undemocratic to me). Oh well, I'm not Kos's biggest fan, Markos seems like a smart guy from what I've seen of him; but I don't think I really agree with him politically. He's too opportunistic for me, I've even heard he's smeared Dennis Kucinich on his website. Just like I don't get Ron Paul, I really don't get the Daily Kos blog either. I've gone to read it a few times, but it doesn't do a whole lot for me... I'm not writing this to slag Markos (who's fighting the good fight); I'm just trying to vent a little bit, about something that's irking me at the moment.


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