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0 comments | Monday, November 05, 2007

I just want to say I have no hard evidence of anything, but it's something I've been worried about pretty much Bush's entire presidency. I wasn't alive, but apparently many speculated during the Nixon administration, that Nixon might try to cancel elections. As much as we should take this seriously we don't want to get wrapped up in paranoia... I found an article from 2004 that projected the Bush/Kerry election wouldn't happen (or would be postponed).

Over time I've become more and more suspicious that Kerry gave the 2004 election to his old buddy Bush (another issue I don't have hard evidence on, but when I look back to the inept, hapless campaign that Kerry ran I can only come to one conclusion). After all Skull and Bonesmen make a pact to benefit each other above all else (for the success of one another); if I'm not mistaken this includes God, country, and family.


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