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0 comments | Monday, November 19, 2007

Just for kicks I emailed this letter to Democratic Underground. They threw me off of their website with no explanation, advanced warning, or any courtesy. Just abruptly voila, I was sent packing. I can't figure out why DU kicked me out. I thought I was serious the vast majority of the time. I did make a lot of jokes, and use a lot of sarcasm over there, but this was a strong minority of my posts. Also, I advocated voting third party quite a bit, so I guess that could be what did it. I doubt I'll get back on their site, but I'm interested to see a response (if there is one, I'm not waiting by the phone). I did send them a previous email where I didn't really get mad, but I did call them 'suckas'; so I don't know if that already has ruined my chances. But anyway, nothing more to say, here's the letter:

Dear Sirs,
Just wondering why you so discourteously kicked me off of your forum? Apparently you don't believe in the first amendment, or the golden rule (as I was not given a warning or even advanced notice, just abruptly thrown off). Can you please give me a thorough explanation of why you tossed me off your site. I liked the site, and just wanted to help improve the discussion. If you tell me what it was that irked you I can desist from doing it.
all the best,


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