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0 comments | Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was reading this article, and I think I've got my own take on what would be a good strategy for progressives to follow:

As I have written before, we have seen more than 50 years of betrayal of liberal and left voters and their issues by the Democratic Party, and despite the efforts of would-be reformers, the situation has been getting worse, not better.

The answer, I submit, is to tell Democratic incumbents and party officials that we've finally had it. We are not going to be ignored or walked over or taken for granted any longer.

How to do this? By mass resignations from the Democratic Party, at which it is made crystal clear that there are two reasons for the actions: Congress isn't stopping the war funding, and Congress isn't initiating impeachment hearings.

I am proposing that left and progressive organizations, civil rights groups, Church groups, anti-war coalitions, labor unions and other progressive and liberal groups start organizing mass actions that involve marches to the local board of elections or voter registrar's office, for collective de-registration from the Democratic Party. Here in Philadelphia, we could have a mass march from Independence Hall to the Board of Elections, for example.

This is a strategy that would hit the Democratic Party leadership like a bucket of ice water--or a brick--in the face.

I just think it's (politics) a numbers game. We need millions to do what probably a lot of independent or third party progressives are already doing. If a Democrat is a real progressive (like a Dennis Kucinich) support him, but if not support a Green, a Socialist or anyone who's left of the Democrat. Instant runoff voting would also help this proposition. We could create a progressive America, if only enough people would get behind this approach.


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