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0 comments | Friday, September 29, 2006

Keith Olbermann refutes many accusations that the NY Post flung at him. Keith, of course, runs probably the most left of center news program on a large television news network (MSNBC). And not only has his show improved MSNBC's stock, but also some changes made in Scarborough country and the removal of Rita Cosby from the channel (she's not right-wing but I think at least leans that direction) have done the same.

I don't watch Scarborough too often, but he seems too have toned down his O'Reilly want-a-be act, and become somewhat less partisan. The odd thing though, is every time I flip to his program he seems to be talking about the biggest celebrity item of the day, rather than the hard politics he is known for. Hardball, of course, is anchored by one time Democrat now seemingly middle of the road Chris Matthews, and Tucker fills out MSNBC's current lineup of news/discussion shows. Tucker is basically an annoying conservative twit, but he seems to enjoy debating real flesh and blood liberals, and frequently invites people on to his show that are more progressive than the everyday run of the mill talking heads. MSNBC won't be mistaken for Pacifica, and is probably not 'fair and balanced' either; but it is balanced enough to be watchable, and shows enough truth to keep the attention of even the most ardent liberal/progressive.


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