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0 comments | Thursday, September 28, 2006

This movie stars Eric Mabius and Charisma Carpenter, and centers around the battle between a brother/sister team and their allies against an evil demonic entity (Daniel). Eric Mabius's character, Cole, has clearly studied in many spiritual traditions, not the least of which is voodoo, and uses his metaphysical abilities to fight darkness. His sister (Heather) seems far less spiritually talented, but is able to draw events and foretell them before they occur. The siblings return to their childhood home, to face Daniel who murdered all of the town's residents save them in their youth. They return armed and ready to face Daniel with some random pals consisting of a biker, Cole's former girlfriend, a half-dead benevolent zombie, and a couple of vagabond/wanderer types.

This movie is plagued by having too much of convoluted plot to develop and explain, an effort which it invests a lot of time in, and yet ultimately doesn't succeed at (Cole's past as well as that of most of his friends remains unclear). The Cole character is probably the bright spot of the film, because of his advanced metaphysical powers his battles with demons and evil make for interesting footage. Yet his powers are so developed compared to his comrades one can't help but wonder why he brings them along at all. In one sequence he tells the biker, Dutch, not to even try to attack Daniel; which Dutch pursues nonetheless, and is easily brushed aside by the dark magician. The movie is basically an eternal battle between good and evil-type tale that will appeal to fans of this genre. If you've already seen one too many of these stories, don't put this on your list of essential viewing.


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