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0 comments | Thursday, August 03, 2006

Joe Lieberman in his Connecticut primary race with Ned Lamont is straddling the fence as best he can between his DLC roots, and his ostensible support for traditional liberal Democratic values. Here he claims to be one of the earliest and foremost opponents of Bush's social security privatization scheme, and here he says all along he's been against Bush's execution of the war. As the polls continue to sink for old Joe, he grasps more and more to rouse the base he has for so long taken for granted.

Additionally, although this is not a particularly substantive piece, consider it today's positive thought; we shouldn't let fear win, and assume even if Neddy can take this thing Joe will simply ride the independent express to victory. There's a lot that makes me think this author is blinded by fits of hyperbolic optimism (like for example even the GOP is mobilizing for Joe, and who does Ned have on his side only Maxine Waters, the netroots, and Al Sharpton), but nevertheless his heart is in the right place, and his words are inspiring.


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