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0 comments | Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This article gives a few illustrative examples of the type of kill the messenger tactics that I fully expect will increasingly be levied against the 'loony left blogosphere'. When it's really Lee Atwater (who renounced dirty politics on his deathbed by the way), Karl Rove, and the GOP propaganda machine that have so irreparably harmed American politics, it will, in the present and future, be the progressives and Democratic populists who will be smeared by the professionals of smear as defilers of the public discourse or some such. I think the Democratic party is only valid as standing for its rightful principles when it has an organized and active left-wing within its ranks. The Clintonian policies and the DLC manipulations have been about crushing (or at least suppressing) this portion of the party (and indeed the nation as a whole), so it's not surprising in the least that the foaming attack dogs of power, are at the height (depth?) of their faculties whilst the rumblings of the rabble worsen their days.


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