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1 comments | Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 19 is the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. It is the third anniversary of an illegal unnecessary war that has sown destruction and death in the Middle East and for American troops and their families. Often times the United States of America is referred to (by politicians or clergy usually) as a peace loving nation, but this is not the image that has been projected by American actions to the rest of the world. It seems there are numerous stumbling blocks to building a more participatory American democracy, but this is the task ahead of the citizens of America if we are to truly be a peace loving nation. Many conservatives argue America is a republic and not a democracy, but those Americans who want their country to be a peace loving one, must also work for the democratization of the American republic. To not do so is to condone more Iraqs and Vietnams in the future.

Many ask what they can do to change the direction of the country, and many I would guess respond with hopelessness or confusion; but this is the type of question that can only be answered by oneself. What one is compelled to do in order to live with oneself is the answer.


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Saw your site @ Blogexplosion. Thought you might enjoy these. If you do, please pass them on to your lists.

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