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0 comments | Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm a big reader of conspiracies and conspiracy theories not because I believe any of them, but I think they are basically an alternative to the alternative media. When it seems there is no new place to go for news, information, enlightenment, etc (except for the repetition of the tired old news cycle), there's no equal to conspiracy sites, books, radio shows, and conspiracy related banter. One of the most impressive conspiracy videos I have seen is the Loose Change 2nd edition video. It posits some critical information in relation to the 9/11 catastrophe that's really eye opening and hair raising. Every American (and global citizen) should see the video and draw his or her own conclusion.

The best part of it for me was the tape of the firemen who were in the towers before they came down. They talk about explosions taking place inside the building. I forget if it's right before that or after they also show mainstream news coverage of witnesses talking about hearing explosions inside and in the vicinity of the towers. Folks who think that only conspiracy nuts will buy into this type of thing are, I think, really missing the point. Realistically a conspiracy can be developed about any event that has some degree of ambiguity surrounding the supposed facts of the event. So, in fact, it's the deniers of this type of theory and others like it who are the true nuts. One would have to be God (or at least all knowing) to actually completely debunk any conspiracy that is based firmly in loosely agreed upon phenomena. Conspiracies are the life's blood of any compelling historical mystery, and should be viewed by all as such.


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