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0 comments | Monday, December 10, 2007

How many coffins have you seen coming back from Iraq? Or carnage done to innocent Iraqi children? I can assure you we've killed in the thousands. Yet where is it on NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS? Seeing bodies and the blood, in my humble opinion, is very important. I can recall the graphic images of bloodied Iraqis from Farenheit 9/11, they are very gut/heart wrenching (I've also seen a few other documentaries on Iraq, which is actually the best reporting on Iraq)... War seems like a video game, if the bloodbath isn't shown on the nightly news. If more blood and guts was shown in wars, in my opinion America would be involved in far fewer of them. Just think about how Colin Powell (a combat veteran) didn't want this war, yet the neo-con chicken hawks did.


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