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0 comments | Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If the Democrats are concerned about third party progressive 'spoilers' they should push for instant run-off voting. After all they now control congress and the agenda there, why is there no instant run-off voting legislation being pushed there? If they blame Nader for a loss in 2008, they are truly no longer a liberal party (particularly if Republicrat Hillary Clinton is the nominee).


I know a lot of progressives think there's some value in listening to the other side, but I simply can't do it. Too much distortion, ignorance, vitriol, half-truth, and lies. My main exposer to the right is when Thom Hartmann has a right-winger on his show. Also I do catch Hardball on occasion (I've seen a lot of progressive venom towards Chris Matthews, but there are so many far worse people in the media, O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, John Stossel, etc...), there are many conservative guests on there.

0 comments | Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I can't believe my fellow Americans are this warmongering. I understand Presidents always poll well during wars, but I thought this had something to do with folks being concerned about sending a negative message to the troops in combat.

This poll should have asked, should we bomb Iran if a draft is implemented and if your number would be called. We'd see a very different number...


I think John Edwards could draw a lot of Kucinich's support if he came out now for Kucinich as his VP (this would make Dennis a real prospect for President in 2016, I'm sure people like James Carville would have a conniption if Dennis was nominated VP). It's hard to tell how many supporters Dennis has (if this would be that much of a gain for Edwards). Dennis seems to have a lot of support on progressive websites, but he almost doesn't show up in the 'official' polls. Maybe this is a sad comment on how many people are still beholden to the MSM, or maybe there's something fishy going on in the polling...


It's official, Condi is a warmongering emotionless cyborg, sent by the powers that be (Illuminati) to wreck every effort at diplomacy with Middle Eastern countries (thereby maximizing the number of American enemies/wars). Video here.