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0 comments | Friday, October 27, 2006

I just caught this Wolf Blitzer interview with Lynne Cheney (the Republicans are going after Jim Webb as some kind of pornographic writer and her name came up because Webb mentioned some of her work as being sexually explicit), it was interesting to see she was trying to say CNN is a liberal network (well either that or a terrorist network presumably the two are the same to the far right). I didn't see the Broken Government program she was talking about, but I think the title of that program was just a reference to the president and congress's low approval ratings, not some kind of vast left wing conspiracy. I don't think CNN is a liberal network, I think it's a timid network. I think it definetly leans conservative, and I find it boring actually. I actually watch MSNBC normally, if and when I watch cable news; which also I think leans conservative. But of course they have Keith, and I know Chris Matthews takes a lot of heat from progressives but I think he's pretty middle of the road. It's a very watchable alternative to Fox, though not an antidote to the rest of the MSM.


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