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0 comments | Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This film is about a former doctor turned bed and breakfast owner and writer (Lochlyn Munro) who (along with his ex and her daughter) is terrorized by a tooth fairy, who, instead of leaving money under the pillow, chops up her prey with a hatchet and causes their souls to exist in perpetuity between heaven and hell. This tooth fairy not only visits children in the night, but also anyone in and around the B and B (she doesn't seem to have the same effect on adult souls as children's). In addition to a thirst for teeth she seems to have a general bloodlust that compels her to prey upon nearly anyone who crosses her path.

When the B and B owner, Peter, is visited by "his girls", Darcy (Chandra West) and Pamela, in the run-up to the grand opening of Peter's establishment; they're vexed by one misfortune after another, leading up to the culmination of the film where the threesome (and remaining B and B occupants) must face a final confrontation with the malicious fairy head on. Prior to this climax, some of the sordid highlights that the three face, are the mutilation of the B and B's handyman, a neighbor who invades Pamela's bedroom to foretell the fairy's arrival, and the frequent agitation of a couple of red-neck brothers who squatted the B and B prior to Peter's takeover of the property.

The movie supplies plenty of blood and gore with the tooth fairy lopping off and otherwise mutilating a wide array of human body parts throughout the film. The overall story is hurt, though; by some unbelievable and far-fetched plot twists. Ultimately this movie is a trifle of a tale that entertains by being anything but mundane, and bloodily killing off more than a character or two.


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