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0 comments | Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now that Joe Lieberman is facing Ned Lamont in a primary challenge, it begs the question of who (if anyone) will be there for him, if he embarks upon his campaign as an 'independent' Democrat. Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and the DNC have all come out and said they will support the primary winner, while others are being more coy and circumspect. Whether there is anything political to any of these positions very much remains up in the air. Do Democrats fear being viewed as not dovish enough if they stand by their man Joe, or is this just some of the same political theatrics that we saw back with the attempted Alito filibuster (get behind something even though one knows there's no chance in hell that it will actually occur)? An accurate response would take actually getting inside the heads of these politicos, a task that's none to easy for folks who specialize in talking out of both sides of their mouths; but nevertheless it's stimulating to sit back and watch our fair leaders squirm around, and hem and haw over the little engine that could/insurgent candidacy of Ned Lamont.


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