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0 comments | Sunday, June 25, 2006

I usually don't follow terrorism arrests very closely (for example 'the shoe bomber', Jose Padilla, etc.), but the story about the men who supposedly planned to blow up the Sears Tower is kind of interesting. Supposedly these guys are not even Muslim (they allegedly follow a religion called the Moorish Science Temple of America), and the government employed an informant who may have goaded the men into dreaming up this scheme in the first place. Additionally, there is a well established pattern of the Justice Department 'souping up' charges against alleged terrorists whose intentions may have been far from what the state claims. There's also, of course, the conspiracy theory of the Republican administration wanting to foment racial tension, by pinning these black men to such a reprehensible action. We should expect the conspiracy buffs to be out in full force for all of these terrorism collars, but with good reason (at least this time) in my view, particularly judging from the facts of this alleged 'foiled scheme'.


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