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2 comments | Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is probably one of the best audio clips anywhere on the net (Ann debating Brad from Brad Blog in 2005). With all the Ann Coulter in the news of late, I thought I'd post it. You can clearly tell her 'punditry' style from listening to this. In Coulter world the other side is always making 'accusations' while she is always extrapolating from 'facts'. The Democrats are guilty until proven innocent, while the opposite is true for the Republicans. Lastly, there is not a shred of doubt in her mind (or at least this is the facade she creates) about any of the points she makes, and she argues each one vociferously (often not allowing who she is 'debating' to even finish a single thought).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, conservatives should only speak if and how others want them to speak

2:02 AM

Blogger Sean said...

No actually how they speak is not the important part, it's letting others speak that conservatives are not very good at. Ann is perhaps the best example.

9:14 AM


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