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0 comments | Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I liked this article even though I don't really think it's necessary to emphasize the term socialism. Nor do I think it's important to emphasize equality. I think the drive for a more progressive society is for a more equal society as well. I think the term equality evokes thoughts of Maoist China and Soviet Russia (authoritarian socialism/communism in general). A certain level of inequality is actually healthy, albeit to a much lesser extent than currently exists in the U.S.

I think a successful progressive strategy dealing with issues of equality/inequality focuses on ideas like a level playing field for all, access to the same types of services and benefits in urban, suburban, and rural areas; and more simply the idea that every new born child can attain the same achievements regardless of who their parents are or in what kind of environment they are raised (the right probably tries to claim this idea as theirs but we have to vociferously point out why they are lieing). I think working for these things doesn't imply sameness (which I think equality implies), working for these things simply means working for fairness, decency, progress, and common sense. And, even for those who are irked by socialism (and maybe equality as well), they probably don't have these same kinds of feelings about these other ideas.


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