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0 comments | Friday, May 06, 2005

the minutemen are a group of american patriots who have been patrolling the Arizona border so that folks who are entering the U.S. illegally will be stopped and turned over to the border patrol... although liberals are correct that the vast majority of these people (the immigrants) are simply looking for work and do not want to do any harm to America or its citizens, the fact is that there are a finite number of jobs in America to go around and make America and its citizens as a whole prosperous... we should all work toward the vision of a world without borders and racism, however, i do not think the economic realities of the present day will allow America to simply open our border to all Mexicans, Central and Latin Americans... lastly, i must point out that i have not followed every move and action of the minutemen, but from what i have read and observed these patriots are not rascist or xenophobic, but rather these folks are economic populists and american nationalists who wish to live in a first world and not a third world country....


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